Demo More Sytist Features

There are many features in Sytist in addition to the client/event galleries & booking calendar. Below you can check out some of those features. 


A registry is a way for people to add money to someone's account. An example of a registry is if you have a couple getting married, you can create a registry for them so their family & friends can add money to their account (which turns into a credit for them) to purchase products & services from you.



Sell photo packages & a la cart products before the photos are taken. You can either pre-sell the package and when the photos are available, have them come back and select the photos for the package, or just sell the packages without them ever having to select photos. 


Page Designer & Page Templates

The Page Designer allows you to design your home page and other pages (like contact, about and blog posts) by adding design block such as columns, headings, buttons, videos, maps and more.

It also includes several templates to help get you started designing your home page.


Project Proofing

Project Proofing is used for projects you want your clients to approve before going to print or produced like wedding albums, collages, designs, etc ...


eGift Cards

eGift cards are basically gift certificates that people can purchase to be emailed to someone else.


Online Contracts

Create and manage contracts through Sytist which can be signed by either writing their name with a mouse or finger on tablets and mobile devices or simply typed in.


Wall Designer

The Sytist Wall Designer lets you and your customers view their photos as framed or canvas prints on the wall of a room with the option to purchase the items added right from their gallery.


Stock / Art Photos

Photos uploaded to this type of section are public. Instead of galleries, everything is based on keywords. 



A store section is where you can sell psychical products, services and downloads. Thing that are not photos like, clothing & download files.


Admin Demo

The administration area is where Sytist is managed and you create your galleries, manage customers, view orders, etc...


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